Business Travel Nutrition

People who travel for business have a unique challenge in nutritional planning.

Not only must their meals be eaten on the road but also their dietary requirements will vary

according to the traveller's activity level which also varies from active (ie. dragging luggage)

to extended inactive levels (ie. fogged in on the runway in Wichita).

Fortunately, there are many consistant opportunities for creating a sound nutritional plan

such as knowing which special meals to order on airlines,

knowing what to eat if you were only lucky enough to

get a last minute seat - forget any chance of a special meal,

and knowing what to look for and what to avoid while on the road for business - or pleasure.

Many of my patients who travel know how to select nutrititon

which provides all the energy required to get through their busy schedules

plus are also able to meet other long term nutritional goals

such as weight loss, weight gain and weight maintenance.

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