Fertility and PCOS and Nutrition

Nutrition seriously impacts the reproductive system.

Fertility and Reproductive Nutrition helps women

(with and without PCOS)

create a healthier pregnancy and the delivery of a healthier baby.

Fertility nutrition is also for women with Polycystic Overian Syndrome (PCOS)

an ovulatory infertility, a condition caused by irregular ovulation.

PCOS may affect a small percentage of infertile women -

check with your own fertility MD to see if

you would benefit from customized fertility nutrition counseling.

GOALS: Maintaining a healthy weight and individualizing an insulin leveling procedure;

to improve the odds of my patients achieving a regular cycle;

improving their odds of getting pregnant.

For each diet, I calculate out the percentage of carbohydrate, protein and fat

and total calories and translate it into an individual diet plan

that will work for each patient.

Meal planning, sample menus, and nutrition education are

components of a successful PCOS and Fertility Nutrition diet.

Several of my patients have said that their fertility nutrition adjustment was their

most enlightening and least expensive procedure toward making a larger family.

Please call, fax or e-mail for your private appointment...
Together we can individualize a food plan to reach your goals and beyond.

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